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How does your business achieve unstopable success?

Transforming service-based companies to achieve unstopable success through strategic optimization.

With a strategic approach, Steven helps service-based small companies optimize sales processes and operational systems, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

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Steve Class

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Experience remarkable success with Steven's personalized coaching and speaking services.


Steven's coaching refines service-based operations, boosting sales and growth through tailored strategies.

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Steven's talks inspire, delivering actionable insights and strategies that transform businesses.

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A distilled guide to success, Steven's book offers hands-on tips for service-based professionals to excel.

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Discover the secrets to achieving unstoppable success.

In this groundbreaking book, Steven shares actionable advice and valuable insights for service-based businesses.

  • Learn how to optimize your sales processes and operational systems.

  • Transform the efficiency and profitability of your service-based business.

  • Take your business to a million dollars and beyond with Steven's guidance.

Close-up of the 'Service Business Mastery' book by Steve Class with a detailed back cover description about the author and the blueprint for entrepreneurial success. The vibrant orange and black design emphasizes the 'Success with Class' narrative for scaling startups.

The Success with
Class Method


Analyze the business's current operations and identify areas of improvement.

Strategy Development

Craft a tailored action plan focusing on sales optimization and operational efficiency.


Guide businesses in executing the devised plan, ensuring each step aligns with their goals.

Review & Refine

Monitor progress, gather feedback, and adjust strategies for sustained growth.

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